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All kinds of sport games from around the globe on FullHD quality. Most popular football leagues included. There is always at least one channel bradcasting the popular games.


Including premium channels as well as PPV. You are able to watch the newest movies on very high quality without interruptions. There are also options to record your favourite shows and watch them later.


With over 80 standard definition and FullHD channels, you are always guaranteed the best music videos availability. Multiple genres are a guarantee that you will always find your preferred clip.


We offer over 25 adult related channels. You can enjoy the most popular production videos in this category. Satisfaction is guaranteed. You just have to be at least 18 years old.


Check the most popular live and upcoming football games and the channels that we support which will be streaming them. It is easy to get an overview of what we are providing.

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Quish, is a next generation streaming provider aiming to offer premium and completely legal IPTV services at a very affordable price. You can watch worldwide TV channels on your Computer, Mac or TV.

More About Our Service

We provide buffer-less, IPTV service with quality raging from between 1Mbps to the astonishing 18Mbps FullHD. You only need a stable network connectivity to be able to support the video bitrate and you should be able to enjoy superior quality.

Forget about risky and insecure websites, offering streams over the internet which are either too expensive and unreliable or free and full with ads and viruses. Forget about free software which would provide you with average quality with a lot of buffering and lag that would require very fast upload speeds.


Make money online by promoting our service. Just refer your friends, contacts or community to our website and earn money.

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With our affiliate module, you can now earn unlimited amount of money by promoting our services. It is very easy for our affiliates to refer customers as our service is a high quality and have no real alternative. Just share a link with your contacts and everyone that signs up from your link, will bring you a percentage of its first subscription.



Get Your MAC Address

Install our application and extract your MAC address. It is all automated - just copy paste the information.

Order the Service

Head over to our Client Area and sign up for the desired package, with the extracted MAC address.

Wait for the Activation

When you have signed up and paid for your service, minimize our application which will periodically check if your service is activated and will notify you when that happens.

Play and Enjoy

If your service is activated, the Play button on the application will become active. You can then click on it and it will open VLC Player with the playlist for your channels.


Our service provides wide range of channels and features to enjoy watching TV from your device from anywhere. Here are the highlights of our service.


All of our channels are uncompressed. That provides the option to enjoy the best possible quality TV service. Most of the time better than your cable provider.

Peace of Mind

With our service you do not need to worry about breaking the law or risking your security. Our service is completely legal and accessible from everywhere.

Fast Speeds

Our multicast service provide very high speeds. If you have sufficient download speed to support the bitrate of the channels, you wouldn't experience interruptions.

Time Shift

Our Set-Top box subscribers can take advantage of the recording functionality. This would allow you to record your favorite show and watch it later on.

Different Categories

We provide channels from wide range of categories and country of origin. Our sport channels alone are more than 126, while 56 of them are HD.

Different Origins

We offer channels from all around the globe. The origins of our channels is more than 73 countries from 4 continents.










Check the screenshots from the supported interfaces below. They consist of software from PC, MAC as well as Set-Top box.


“Ever since I discovered Quish, I've had nothing but great experiece. I am using the service on my computer without even watching my TV cable provider as with the Quish service, the quality is better. True high definition.”


“I was looking for football streams to watch the Champions League and while most of the links are for streams with ads and viruses, this one turned out to be brilliant. The price is very low and for the quality that I am getting, I can say this is a fantastic solution.”


We offer different types of commitment. That includes a weekly subscription which you can use to test our service. The bigger your subscription is, the bigger your discount is.

$12 /Week

  • 100+ SD Channels
  • 30+ HD Channels
  • PC, MAC or Set-Top Box
  • Technical Support

$28 /Month

  • 600+ SD Channels
  • 120+ HD Channels
  • PC, MAC or Set-Top Box
  • Technical Support

$79 /quarter

  • 600+ SD Channels
  • 120+ HD Channels
  • PC, MAC or Set-Top Box
  • Technical Support


Get answers to the most important questions that you may have. We are always trying to be as descriptive as possible, but if you have more questions, please use the contact for below.

You can subscribe to our service and watch the provided channels through your computer or TV (Set-Top box).

Once you sign up to our service and your account is activated, you will receive detailed email with instructions on how to configure your device. You can use Kodi or VLC, to watch our streams.

Although we are always trying to activate accounts as soon as possible, due to high demand we can guarantee setup time of 2 working days.

We have a specially designed trial plan which would provide you with a 1 week testing period for as low as $12.

We offer more than 120, FullHD channels with as high as 18Mbps bitrate. Most of the local cable providers cannot offer such high quality. As long as you have the required download speed to support it, you should be able to enjoy the service.

Yes! Our channels stream directly without delay, the biggest and most popular football leagues in the world.

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